NCETE Sponsored Conferences


2nd P-12 Engineering and Design Education Research Summit

NCETE co-sponsored the 2nd P-12 Engineering and Design Education Research Summit held in Washington, DC on April 26-28, 2012, co-located and prior to the 2nd USA Science & Engineering Festival. The P-12 Summit brought together researchers in the nascent field of P-12 engineering education research. The conference provided a nationally unique place for researchers to meet and discuss research, where researchers could find a “high concentration” of people working in the same field. The summit functioned also as a place to develop engineering education research capacity: (1) a doctoral consortium, which provided Ph.D. students with the opportunity to receive mentorship and individual feedback on their proposals, and (2) sessions which functioned as workshops to provide professional development opportunity for staffers and researchers.

2nd P-12 Summit Papers

2nd P-12 Web Site

NCETE Caucus 2011

NCETE sponsored Caucus 2011 on the Logan campus of Utah State University on August 2 and 3, 2011, to bring together experienced leaders from initiatives that provide a wide range of engineering experiences for high school youth with the goal of organizing a coherent suite of principles to guide the development and implementation of engineering design in STEM settings at the high school level.. Caucus 2011 was a working session of a small group of engineering educators, curriculum developers, and professional development providers who have made substantial contributions to the expanding movement to provide engineering design challenges for students in grades 9-12.

Caucus 2011 on Engineering Design in Grades 9-12

Participant Profiles

Caucus 2011 Presentation at the Southeast Technology Education Conference

Caucus 2011 High School Engineering Design Challenges Principles


Conference on Graduate Student Research in Engineering & Technology Education

NCETE organized and held a doctoral student conference at the University of Minnesota on May 22, 2008. The theme of the student conference was “Research in Engineering and Technology Education.” NCETE Fellows as well as doctoral students and their faculty advisors from Tufts, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Colorado State, and Purdue were invited and presented papers. A link to the conference proceedings is posted below.

Proceedings of the Conference on Graduate Student Research in
Engineering & Technology Education


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