Research Results

NCETE partners present research findings at conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Listings of published research results can be found on the Publications web page and the Presentations web page.

Twelve doctoral fellows have completed their dissertation studies. Their studies can be found on the Dissertations webpage.

NCETE Caucus 2011 and Caucus 2012 Report

NCETE hosted two Caucuses, each consisting of “a group of people united to promote an agreed-upon cause” (Merriam-Webster, 2009, p. 196). Ten individuals who were early innovators in introducing engineering design activities in high school STEM settings were invited to each Caucus. Both Caucuses were held on the Utah State University campus in Logan; the first August 2 and 3, 2011 and the second May 22-24, 2012. The invited position papers on high school engineering design challenges (presented below) and an annotated bibliography were made available to the Caucus participants to provide background information. The Caucus groups engaged in intensive dialogues during their on-campus sessions, prepared statements on aspects of the development and selection of authentic engineering design challenges, and suggested revisions of successive drafts.

The final report resulting from the Caucuses is intended to provide guidelines for the development of authentic engineering design challenges, to describe instructional strategies for introducing engineering design experiences to high school students, and to offer suggestions for the assessment of the outcomes of engineering design activities. The information is intended to be useful in planning, organizing, and implementing the infusion of engineering design challenges in high school STEM courses. The paper is not intended as a detailed guide for curriculum development, comprehensive instructional design, or the assessment of achievement across the range of high school STEM courses.

Position Papers on High School Engineering Design Challenges

NCETE invited individuals to provide brief statements of their viewpoints on the selection of engineering design challenges for high school STEM courses. Responses to this invitation include these reports:

NCETE invited a graduated NCETE fellow to develop a synthesis of the six position papers described above:

Center Studies

NCETE funds studies to explore various aspects of curriculum, teaching practices, and professional development for infusing engineering into high school settings. The studies are completed by teams of NCETE faculty and students.  Nineteen Center studies have been completed and are found on the Reports of Studies Supported by NCETE webpage.


NCETE Sponsored Conference

NCETE organized and held a doctoral student conference at the University of Minnesota on May 22, 2008. The theme of the student conference was “Research in Engineering and Technology Education.” NCETE Fellows as well as doctoral students and their faculty advisors from Tufts, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Colorado State, and Purdue were invited and presented papers. A link to the conference proceedings is posted below.

Proceedings of the Conference on Graduate Student Research in
Engineering & Technology Education


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