NCETE is a collaborative network of scholars with backgrounds in technology education, engineering, and related fields. We conduct studies in the learning and teaching of high school students and teachers as they apply engineering design processes to technological problems. The results of our studies are published in a number of scholarly venues.

Chronological links to our scholarly work appear below.

Publications by NCETE Personnel 2004 - 2012

Presentations and Posters by NCETE Personnel 2004 - 2012

A link to the scholarly activities of the personnel associated with NCETE from 2004 to 2012 appears below.

Scholarly Activities of NCETE Personnel 2004-2012

A number of NCETE Fellows have completed dissertations. Links to their work appear below.


NCETE funds studies to explore various aspects of curriculum, teaching practices, and professional development for infusing engineering into high school settings. Below is a link to the completed reports.

Reports of NCETE Sponsored Studies

NCETE organized and held a doctoral student conference at the University of Minnesota on May 22, 2008. The theme of the student conference was “Research in Engineering and Technology Education.” NCETE Fellows as well as doctoral students and their faculty advisors from Tufts, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Colorado State, and Purdue were invited and presented papers. A link to the conference proceedings is posted below.

Proceedings of the Conference on Graduate Student Research in Engineering & Technology Education


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