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Rodney Custer

Rodney Custer is the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies, Research, and International Education at Illinois State University. He was extensively involved in the development of the Standards for Technological Literacy and is a past president of the Council on Technology Teacher Education. He has served on a number of research committees at the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council. This research has concentrated primarily on developing, promoting, and assessing technological literacy. His stream of research has concentrated on technological design and problem solving. He was PI of a major NSF curriculum development project (Project Probase), which is designing standards-based curriculum for pre-engineering education.


Chris Merrill

Chris P. Merrill is an associate professor of technology education. He prepares undergraduate and graduate pre-service technology teachers for the public schools through the technology education program. Dr. Merrill's research focus has been on the implementation of standards-based learning and the integration of technology, mathematics, and science education at all grade levels. He serves on the boards of the International Technology Education Association, the Technology Education Association of Illinois, the Technology Student Association of Illinois, and the Illinois Drafting Educators Association's Board of Directors.


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