May 2005

The 2005 NCETE Summer Workshop was held at Utah State University May 23-26, 2005. After a continental breakfast and welcome, the first day commenced with a business meeting followed by TTE and graduate program breakout sessions. Martha Cyr, engineering professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, presented an overview of the engineering design process. This was followed by a panel discussion concerning the issues involved with the infusion of engineering design into K-12 classes. The first day concluded with a dutch-oven dinner in scenic Logan Canyon. Day two began with a hands-on engineering design experience. The challenge was to design and build a golf ball launcher. Research was the lunch-time discussion topic, and the afternoon presentation by Rod Custer and Chris Merrill was titled "Conceptualizing the Relationship between Engineering and Technology Education: Another Perspective." The last activity of the day was a visit to Medicine Lodge Inc., a small high-tech business founded in Logan in 2000. Medicine Lodge Inc. employs mechanical and biomedical engineers who design biotechnical devices. The engineering design experience continued throughout the week. On day three, Noelle Crockett, USU Interim Provost, welcomed and addressed the workshop attendees. The afternoon was spent in breakout sessions and meetings with the Advisory Board.The last day of the workshop began with breakfast, followed by presentations and reflections of the engineering design experience. The workshop adjourned after reflections and a review of the action items.

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