MAY 2006

Center business began with a discussion of the Reverse Site Visit (RSV) which was held two weeks earlier in Washington , DC . The NCETE team that attended the RSV shared their impressions and reflections of the meeting. The year-two annual eport, cost sharing, and carry-over funds were also discussed.

The Graduate Program meeting began with discussions regarding Core Course 3, cohort 1 retention, and cohort 2 recruiting. During the Graduate Program meeting, the fellows met to discuss options for focusing the research framework. After adjourning, the fellows reported their findings to the group. In the afternoon, Dr. Scott Johnson of UIUC with assistance from the fellows presented an overview of Core Course 1. The first day concluded with an evening activity and barbeque dinner at Herrick Lake.

Day two of the workshop began with a presentation by Dr. Christine Cunningham, NCETE Advisory Board member and Vice President of Research at the Boston Museum of Science . Dr. Cunningham’s presentation, Engineering Design Challenges for Diverse Populations, gave the participants an opportunity to learn first hand the struggles visually and dexterously impaired individuals have with medication bottles. Following Dr. Cunningham’s presentation, Dr. Janet Kolodner, another NCETE Advisory Board Member member and professor of Computing and Cognitive Science at Georgia Institute of Technology, made a presentation titled Learning by Design.

After lunch, the TTE business meeting was held. The meeting included updates of professional development activities, the Engineering Design Challenges, and a pre-service panel discussion. Following the TTE meeting, the Research Committee met to review the year-two research grant proposals, and the fellows were favored with a boating activity with Dr. Wicklein.

Day three began with a discussion regarding faculty research interests, progress reports of year-one research projects, and an announcement of the year-two research proposals that would receive funding. This was followed by a presentation by the TTE program that discussed potential areas in which the TTE program and the fellows’ could collaborate.

The afternoon began with a review of the planning for the NCETE Fall Meeting that will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in October. During the remainder of the afternoon the group participated in an overview of Core Course 2 by Dr. Ted Lewis of UMN.

The final day of the workshop included a presentation by the UGA fellows, Cameron Denson and Todd Kelley, in which they discussed engineering design and reflected on their first year as NCETE fellows. After a summary of the workshop and review of action items by Dr. Becker, the Summer Workshop adjourned.

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