August 2005

NCETE's first cohort of doctoral fellows attended introductory meetings in Washington DC on August 19 & 20, 2005.

The meetings were held at The National Science Foundation (NSF). The fellows were given an overview of NCETE objectives, research, and the PhD program.

A reception was held with guests from the NSF and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). William A. Wulf, President of the NAE, addressed the group and explained the relationship NSF has with the United States Government and NAE's interest in the goals and success of NCETE. The fellows were given a brief introduction to engineering design and were given the challenge of building a tower that was 25 cm tall, and able to hold the weight of a large atlas. The only materials allowed were 3x5 index cards and office tape.

The meetings concluded on Saturday with tours of the Smithsonian museums and lunch at the National Gallery.

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