May 2007

2007 NCETE Summer Workshop at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Illinois State University

The third annual NCETE summer workshop was hosted by UIUC and ISU on May 16 -18. Center faculty, doctoral students and an Advisory Board member attended the meeting. On May 16, the meeting was held on the UIUC campus and Linda Katehi, Provost of UIUC and former Dean of the College of Engineering at Purdue, provided an opening session where she highlighted issues in engineering education. Mary Kalantzis, Dean of Education at UIUC, provided remarks on contemporary issues in education. Ty Newell, Assistant Dean in the College of Engineering at UIUC, discussed engineering disciplines, fields, and careers and introduced a unique example of engineering optimization in the design of a solar house. Details about the Solar House Design Competition project at UIUC helped contextualize engineering optimization and designas well as the role of systems engineering.

On May 17, the meeting was held on the ISU campus where a panel of classroom teachers described their experiences in infusing engineering design into the classroom to help connect Center research with practice. Center faculty and fellows continued their work on the professional development model.

For the morning of May 18, the doctoral fellows developed the workshop activities which consisted of a series of formal debates on three topics: The Role of Engineering in Education, Operational Perspectives on Integrating Engineering into the Classroom, and Psychological Foundations for Engineering Design. For each of the topics, one of the fellows provided formal comments on one position. Another fellow provided comments on the opposing position and each had an opportunity for rebuttal. The fellows also sponsored a panel discussion of the professional challenges faced by new university faculty members as they begin their careers as assistant professors in engineering and technology education. During the afternoon of May 18, the Center sponsored a Research Symposium. The symposium program consisted of fellows and faculty members reporting on the findings of the six exploratory studies funded during the first year of Center operation. Following the presentations, a team of fellows and consultants provided critiques of the research and reports.


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