MAY 2006

The two-hour meeting involved a presentation by the Center followed by a question and answer period. The Center’s presentation began with an overview of the Center’s goals and partnerships. This was followed by a discussion of the Graduate Program that highlighted the fellows, the success of the cohort system, and the core courses. This was followed by a discussion of the Technology Teacher Education Program and its work with professional development and pre-service curriculum. The Research Program discussion focused on the research goals, the NCETE Research Framework, and the RFP process. The closing portion of the presentation discussed dissemination and emerging impacts.

The questions the Center was asked to address focused on three areas, preparing the fellows to be researchers and leaders in the field of ETE, evaluation, and research. After the questions, the external review panel met and discussed their impressions, concerns, and recommendations.

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This material is based on work supported by the
National Science Foundation Under Grant No. ESI-0426421