Doctoral Degree Program

NCETE links partners in engineering and technology education programs to renew and diversify the cadre of leaders. Our graduate studies program links four university partners that work together to prepare doctoral students with stronger backgrounds to conduct research in engineering and technology education than could have been achieved at a single partner institution. A cornerstone of the NCETE doctoral student preparation is four core courses that are team-taught across the four institutions. The intent of the core courses is to prepare the doctoral students to improve our understanding of learning and teaching of high school students and teachers as they apply engineering design processes to technological problems.

To find out more about people who have graduated with PhDs from the NCETE fellowship program and to learn more about current PhD fellows in the program, please click this link:
Graduated and Current PhD Fellows


NCETE doctoral-degree partners:

The University of Georgia offers a PhD in Workforce Education which prepares individuals for leadership, university teaching, and other roles in career and technical education.

• The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a PhD in Human Resource Education which prepares individuals for leadership roles and faculty positions that requires the use of the tools and concepts of inquiry and analysis in activities such as research, evaluation, and curriculum development.

• The University of Minnesota offers a PhD in Work and Human Resource Education which prepares individuals for professional roles that emphasize conducting research.

• Utah State University offers a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in engineering and technology education which is primarily chosen by people who are seeking teaching/research positions in colleges and universities.

Description of Core Courses

NCETE has developed a sequence of four doctoral-level core courses that serve to both connect the doctoral students across the four institutions and to improve their understanding of engineering design. Each semester a course is taught at a doctoral-degree-granting partner institution and distance-delivery software is used to reach students at the other three doctoral sites. The courses focused on cognitive science in engineering and technology education, the theoretical foundations of engineering design, and the application of engineering design. This two-year sequence of courses was developed especially for NCETE fellows and represents an important contribution to the field for other institutions interested in preparing teacher educators with a foundation in engineering design.

For information regarding graduate opportunities at specific universities contact the following individuals:

University of Georgia
Dr. Robert Wicklein
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Scott Johnson
Utah State University
Dr. Kurt Becker
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