The National Center for Engineering and Technology Education is a collaborative network of scholars with backgrounds in technology education, engineering, and related fields. Our mission is to build capacity in technology education and to improve the understanding of the learning and teaching of high school students and teachers as they apply engineering design processes to technological problems.


The goals of the Center are:

1. To conduct research to:

define the current status of engineering design experiences in engineering and technology education in grades 9-12;

define an NCETE model for professional development by examining the design and delivery of effective professional development with a focus on selected engineering design concepts for high school technology education;

identify guidelines for the development, implementation, and evaluation of engineering design in technology education.

2. To build leadership capacity by developing a collaborative network of scholars who work to improve understanding of the process of learning and teaching of engineering design in technology education.

3. To establish and maintain a communication program to inform all stakeholder groups of NCETE activities and accomplishments.



Increasing the number of doctoral-level professionals and improving the national capability to conduct research in emerging engineering and technology areas.

Renewing the cadre of national leaders in engineering and technology by supporting doctoral students and post-doctoral research associates.

Conducting research that improves the understanding of learning and teaching of engineering design in at the high school level.

Developing a teacher professional development model for introducing engineering design in high school settings.
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This material is based on work supported by the
National Science Foundation Under Grant No. ESI-0426421